Internet Speed: 4 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Connection

There is no true way to make your current Internet speed faster. However, there are ways to optimize the bandwidth giving you an illusion of a faster and better pipe.
  1. Caching. This is an effective way to somehow improve your Internet speed. Essentially, it stores recent and most frequently requested information. As a result, it prevents future requests. It also saves the time time it takes to load the page from the Internet. 
  2. Opting for text only. This tip does not work if you are a power user. However, it does offer a great impact when browsing and e-mailing. Keep in mind that web pages with graphics can take a lot of time to load. Switching to text only eliminates the graphics, thereby, saving significant amount of time in loading up. 
  3. Turning off other computers. Things will get better when other computers in the house are logged off. These computers are a competition for the bandwidth. Hence, decreasing the competition may boost the Internet speed of your computer. 
  4. Killing background tasks. Apart from turning off other computers, you should also turn off background tasks running on your computers. Kill those applications you do not want running while trying to watch a video online. It would surely make a difference to your Internet connection. 
These 4 tips are just few of the ways you can do to boost your Internet speed without actually upgrading your package. 

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  1. The only real thing that speeds up your internet loading speed is the caching trick, but even then you're just loading up pages that your computer already visited. It does nothing for visiting new pages. As for everything else, it's just devoting more resources towards your web browser. The only REAL way to raise internet speed would be to switch your ISP to a faster one.

  2. Force close the task running in the background will surely make difference ^_^

  3. Clean your hard disk regularly. Use external hard drive to store photos and large files. These can result to dragging memory performance of your PC. Opt for a reliable, high speed broadband connection from exede because no matter what you do to your hard disk or memory, you won't still enjoy a good internet speed when you're having substandard ISP.


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