Tour Trips: 5 Places Where You Must Travel With A Tour Guide

When planning to have tour trips in these places, it is wise to follow some guidelines. These places are just few of the most complicated places in the world that you might think of visiting.

Having group tour trips may sound like a bad idea if you are thinking of a bus loaded with tourists or having to deal with a strict itinerary. But these places must be travelled in a group. And if you go and visit these places, you must have a guide with you.

1. Russia
Bureaucracy and red tape are the turn offs when you go travel to Russia. To get a visa, you will need an invitation from a company. If you encounter problems with your visa, you will be sent back home or stuck in this country.

With a tour guide, you can easily navigate the confusion.

2. Galapagos. 
Traveling to this island will take you to various places filled with inspiring creatures. This island is home to 60 species of birds and 20,000 giant tortoises. To appreciate these creatures, you have to be an expert in this field. If not, it would be best to travel with a tour guide who can explain to you about those species and may tell you stories about them.

Travel guides will also help you navigate the region. Keep in mind that this place is composed of 13 main islands. With the best tour trips guides, you can easily take hikes, boat rides and flights that let you see those beautiful creatures.

3. Egypt. 
Because of its current situation, many travelers have cancelled their travel to Egypt. Well, this is good news for you as you will not be encountering huge amount of crowds. However, it is still smart to go on tour trips in this country with a group. Your tour here must be led by people who know exactly where to go and understand the country's climate, which is pretty unpredictable. With an experienced travel guide, you can easily travel from point A to point B and avoid dangerous ares.

4. Machu Picchu
It is a place where you can find remnants of temples and hillsides. They are breathtaking sights but you cannot appreciate them if you do not understand what they are. With a tour guide, you can understand the stories behind those mysteries. A guide can also tell you the reason mortar was not used to build those buildings. Most tour trips in this place will include a train ride that goes to those ruins. If you want to go on hike, you must join an organized group that has a permit arranged by the tour agency in Peru.

5. Jordan. 
There are no travel warnings yet for Jordan. But because the threat of terrorism here is very high, it is a must that you go on tour trips here with a group. A group tour must be led by someone who knows how to avoid those dangerous areas and identify signs of problems. Tour operators will let you know in advance if there are official warnings for travelers. You can rebook a later tour or change plans without any additional charges.

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