Go Travel: 5 Must-Pack Items That You Thought Were Not Important

When you go travel to various destinations, there are must-pack things that you must include that you never thought were important... until now. Here are 5 items that you must include on your baggage so you can easily navigate when unexpected things arise.

1. Bandanna
You can use it as a hand towel, eye mask, hair tie (I do this all the time when traveling), scarf, etc. But this carry-on is also useful when you do not have a pillow. You can tie up your sweater and use it as a cushion to support your head while sleeping. Apart from that, this item can also be used as a sling when you sprain your arm or to tote your belongings.

2. Duct tape. 
You do not have to carry the large roll as a small one can do the trick. You can use it to bandage exploded luggage or remove lint from your clothes. It can also be utilized to patch cuts in your shoes or bags. Or you can use it cover outlets for baby proofing your hotel. There are plenty of other things that you can do to duct tape when you go travel.

3. Travel mug. 
The uses of empty mug while traveling are aplenty. You can utilize it to prevent damage for your sunglasses or delicate souvenirs. It is also very useful for storing your valuables while in your hotel room as thieves do not target coffee-stained thermos.

4. Silicone travel bottles. 
Rigid plastic shells can waste your expensive sunscreen or hair products because they squeeze out accidentally. However, silicone travel bottles, which you can purchase in a department store, are very flexible to pack and easy to clean. Just choose the transparent and soft ones so you can easily squeeze out the last drop.

5. Safety pins. 
They are also a multi-functional tool that can be used in place of zipper pull or alleviate wardrobe malfunctions. They can also tack your kids' pant legs up.

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