Luggage: 3 Luggage Bags For Different Types Of Travels

There are various types of luggage on the market making it overwhelming for you to find the right one. Keep in mind that, when it comes to luggage, there is no one-size-fits-all. The perfect suitcase will depend on what you are going to bring and where you are going to.

To help you narrow down your search, here are some suggestions from the experts:

1. Samsonite EZ-Cart
This is great if you want to separate clean and dirty clothes. It has a detachable shelf that makes this bag into two stacked compartments. The bungee cords lets you piggyback it while the four-wheel system makes it easier for the to push the bag while walking.

2. REI Stratocruiser
It can be used as a carry-on or as a backpack. It also comes with a clip-on daypack that lets you keep all your essential things for your flight close at hand. The price is a bit expensive but if you are a multitasker, you will not mind the price tag.

3. Hummingbird Carry-On Zip
This is ideal for traveling by sea as its exterior is made of durable vinyl that can keep your valuables safe in a rain shower or on a reef. It can also be used when traveling by air, road or rail.

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  1. ako ang luggage na gamit ko is wenger, so far its been years na yung bag ko ang still in good condition. (it has a really good quality)


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