Discover Busan: Its Hot Springs, Seaside Beaches and More

Busan is the second-largest city in South Korea. It has amazing seaside beaches, spectacular historic temples, and a lot more to see. But most of its tourists are going to its hot springs, hip breweries, and shopping places. 

Since it is situated by the water, you can expect its restaurants to serve amazing seafood. Eating here is a fun activity, along with visiting its attractions and sights. With all the places you can go to, where you should start? 

Places to Go While in Busan, Korea 

  • Gamcheon Culture Village 

It is a stunning colored village. This culture village was just revitalized in 2009. It was a former slum but it is now popularly known as Machu Picchu of Busan. Houses here are painted in different colors. 

It has public sculptures everywhere. Within the village, you will find tiny streets and high stairways that will lead you to street art.

  • Busan Tower

It is a 120-meter tower. You should go there to see what the city looks like from above. It was built in 1973. Going there will give you a magnificent view of the port. It has a cafe where you can eat while sightseeing. 

  • Jagalchi Market 

You must not forget going to Jagalchi Market when visiting this city. It is a bustling market that is loaded with fresh seafood. Going there will make you see some odd sea creatures and you can eat one of them. 

There are various market stalls here where you can purchase octopus, sea urchin, squid, and eel, among others. You may go to the second floor to eat raw fish being served in various restaurants here. You can also purchase fish from the market and have it cooked in the restaurant. How fun is that? You can have a fresh meal you cannot have wherever you are now. 

  • An Ga

If you like barbecue restaurant, then you will likely An Ga. It is a well-known Korean barbecue restaurant that offers the real deal. 

  • Haeundae Beach 

You must not miss out on Haeundae Beach. It is one of the most fashion attractions in Busan. It has a gorgeous city and ocean views. You can spend your entire afternoon here while getting to know the city. 

If you do not like swimming in the ocean, though, you can still enjoy your stay here as you treat your tastebuds. it has the best restaurants in Busan. You can drink beer here while looking at the sea. During sunny days, the Beach is full of artists and performers who will try to cheer up many beachgoers. 

  • Galmegi Brewing 

If you like beer or even if you do not like it, make sure to visit this buzzing brewery. It has pub locations everywhere. It is an American-style brewer. Its pub is decorated with the works of Busan’s local artists. It is a delightful place to go if you need a cold beer on a warm sunny day. It serves Korean dishes and American food. 

  • Beomeosa Temple 

It is a must-visit place in the city. This temple has a 1,300-year history. It is a Buddhist temple that has become one of the most vital places of worship in the country. 

It is a quiet place even though it is close to the hustle and bustle of Busan. Hiking trails surrounded the temple. You can also see beautiful mountain scenery here. 

This temple was founded in 678 C.E. during the Silla dynasty. The construction of this temple was ordered by King Munmu to thank the god for defeating the Japanese invaders. 

Another legend about this temple is that at the top of the mountain, you can find a well that is filled with golden water that does not run dry. This well is said to have magical properties after a golden fish hat descended from heaven and made this well its home. 

  • Gwangbokdon Food Street 

To try local foods, you must go to this skinny street full of food stalls and restaurants. Never go here if you have a full stomach. After all, your goal in visiting this street is to eat. Make sure that you visit this place with an empty stomach so you can eat as much Korean food as you can. It offers a feast for your mouth and eyes. You can eat dumplings while you go on an adventure ordering anything. 

  • Nampodong Market 

If you are into buying souvenirs, you must visit this market. It is situated in the bustling Jung district of the city. You can check out its vintage offers. It is packed with various shops to look for vintage clothing You can go there by riding the train at the Nampo Station. 

  • Gwangan Bridge 

It is a massive bridge that spans more than 7 kilometers. It is a vital part of Busan. As you are done admiring the views, you can go down to Gwangalli Beach. It is one of the most popular oceanside recreation spots. You can feast your eyes on various seaside restaurants, bars, and cafes. 

Can You Travel to Busan on Your Own 

It is fun to be with some friends when you visit Busan. However, you can easily discover Busan on your own. To maximize your vacation here, you should book your tours for the entire full days. It gives you an entire view of the city. 

For a full-day tour, you can visit the city’s top tourist landmarks. You can list the Gamcehon’s murals to the fascinating markets and terrains. With a full-day tour, you can explore and understand the city’s charms. If you are traveling with kids or elderly, you can book a tour that does not involve a lot of walking in between sights. That is, you and your family will be shuttled around the city. 

There is also a night tour if you like to see the city after sunset. Keep in mind that the city is still alive at night. It brings you the best illumination spots. 

If you are a nature lover, though, you can go for an island day tour. With it, you can get to stroll on pebbles by the beach, visit a botanical garden and walk-in beautiful fields of flowers. 

So many things to do in Busan, Korea. The question is when will you go there?