US Airways And Its Carry-On Rules

What are the carry-on rules imposed by the US Airways? 

Many experts recommend budget-conscious travelers to pack light and limit luggage that they can carry on the cabin. Unfortunately, there are limits that you must know when it comes to carry-on bags. The government has provided guidelines about what type of baggage that you can bring into the cabin when taking a commercial flight. And when you fly with US Airways, you also need to abide by the federal rules.

1. Two bags
According to the Federal Aviation Administration, you are allowed to bring one suitcase or bag. You can also bring one personal item, like a laptop bag or a purse. This means that you can only bring two bags into the cabin: a traditional suitcase and/or a shoulder bag.

2. Small bags
Because of the limited space in overhead bins and under seats, US Airways require their passengers to carry bags that measure less than 45 linear inches. And the weight of your bags must not be over 40 pounds.

3. Storage
You may place your carry-on bag into the overhead bin or the space under your seat. Therefore, you must only bring bags that can accomodate these areas.

4. Tagging
The said airline assigns smaller planes on shorter routes. This means that if you are flying with smaller plane, you must consider bringing a smaller bag as the plane's overhead bins tend to be tinier. Do not be surprised when your bags are tagged at the gate and placed in the cargo hold. You can only bring your carry-on bags upon approval.

5. Restrictions 
You cannot carry any amount of liquids, gels and aerosols. The amount must comply with the federal security rules. You can only carry liquids with a maximum amount of 3.4 ounces. All containers of liquids must fit inside a quart-sized zipper bag. You can put the zippered bag inside your carry-on bag or personal item.

US Airways and Its Ratings
The overall ratings for US Airways is four out of five stars. There are positive and negative comments about flying with this airline. Some of the customers complained of the airlines' flight crew showing bad attitude toward their passengers. Other passengers, however, are happy with the services provided by this company.

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