Photo blog by photodito

Photo Blog: Photodito
It was through Entrecard that I discovered Photodito, a photo blog. The color combination of its website is amazing. It's soothing to the eyes and ads are in minimal amount. I also love how they came up with such a creative logo.

Anyway, since I'm also into photography, I was immediately enthused by this blog after it was introduced to me. I have browsed almost every photo of this blog. And I have to admit, all shots are superb. Most pictures, as I have observed, were taken in the beautiful country, the Philippines.

Dusk Reflection at Water Drop and Cool Refreshments
Dusk reflection at water drop is my first favorite. There's a part in the photo that can represent a whale while the inside of the drop is an image of a dolphin. The clouds in the background made the photo more attractive. My other favorite is cool refreshments. The arrangement of the glasses filled with beverages was so beautiful that it made me want to drink…iced tea.

Mosquito Larvae Photo and Termites
I also admire the mosquito larvae photo. I thought at first, they were grasshoppers; instead they were the pestering mosquito larvae. Another preferred photo is termites. One termite is in supine position and the other one is in dorsal. What's even amazing is that the photographer used an ordinary light to capture it. But the end result is fascinating. So creative indeed.

Survival Fittest
Oh, I'm not done yet. Since I love the color green, I also like the survival fittest. In this photo, one spider is eating another spider. The color green in background simply sets off the image.

Nicely Captured Photos
Well, I guess, I admire every photo presented on this blog. They all have nicely captured photos of the Philippines.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your nice review of my photo blog "photodito". It inspire me more to do beautiful shots.

    You may also visit my other blog MarkFe

  2. Hello Fhaye,

    You're welcome. Yup, I'm also a frequent visitor of your other blog, Markfe.

    Ty for dropping by.


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