PLDT myDSL-- Where Is My Bill?

For three months now, I have not received my bill from PDLT myDSL (but I still pay on time). When I inquired about it a month ago, I was advised to patiently wait for it because they are experiencing courier problem... but no bill arrived.

Also, their website is inutile. Why? It is because of its 99% promotional ads and only 1% allotted for customer service, if they know what customer service is.

I want to register my PLDT myDSL account online to access my bill. However, every time I try to register and hit the submit button, I always receive system error. What's wrong with this company?

PLDT, a telecommunications provider whose monthly income is PHP 9.6 billion, cannot establish their own courier service to deliver bills. Ukininam!


Pros: None

-Slow connection
-Inutile customer service
-Only good at advertising their products but failed on actual service.

My advice: Find a better provider, if you can. (I can't so I'll just stick with its ineffectiveness until I can find a better one.)

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  1. i agree with you...pldt sux....poor service.....

  2. i want to join the online billing but many times ive tried to register the system kept on letting me re enter the information..,

  3. nothing can do about it..pldc 4ever

  4. I Agree 200 percent! INUTIL NA CUSTOMER SERVICE talga. Magaling lang sa singilan. Pero sa service, not equal sa value ng money. Ang mahal na nga ng monthly subscription, palagi pang putol or may system issue. They cut my line for 3 days, at 3 days akong hindi nkpagwork, tpos inabot n ng 6 months ang demand ko for credit, wala pa ding action. And then, when I failed to pay my bill 2 days after the due date due to negligence, bonggang cut ang line ko, at may kasama pang disconnection fee na 500 pesos!!!! I would really want to find another provider. Kaso no choice din ako. At I think, sinasadya nilang ganyan lang ang ibigay na service because they know the control the industry and they monopolize it. So nganga na naman tayong mga pilipino. AAAAArrrrrrgHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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