Gibo For President: Why Not?

Gilbert Teodoro

Gilbert Cojuangco Teodoro, Jr. or better known as Gibo is the almost perfect replacement for the soon-to-be vacant Presidential seat.


> A Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Financial Institutions graduate.

Intellectually stimulating:

> Topped the Philippine Bar exams


> Been awarded the Dean's Medal for Academic Excellence in 1989


> Completed Master's Degree at Harvard Law School in Massachusetts.


> Licensed commercial pilot.


> Involved in disaster management.

Plus, he uses the color green as his "brand" or "color signature."

In addition, Gibo is, I guess, the only presidential candidate who knows how to give concrete solution for the present problems in the Philippines. The recently ended FOCAP presidential forum in February 2010 proved my point when he said, "The Comelec must have an “honest to goodness” appraisal of the modern voting system, of what it could and could not do, based on the equipment delivered, systems installed and people trained on the ground." (Source:

Gibo's answer provided a more vivid picture than Aquino's retort: "Failure of the machines would not mean failure of elections, but the Commission on Elections (Comelec) must assure the public that it is on track on poll automation." (Source:

But Gibo's apparent tight political relationship with the present administration can be a drawback if he wins.

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