Victim of Software Counterfeiting—Any Solution?

Victim of Software Counterfeiting

I am not sure how it happened but after I downloaded updates for my genuine Windows XP corporate edition, I received this notification: "You may be a victim of software counterfeiting..."

Nope. I remembered it was my pal (not sure if he is still my friend now) who gave me this Windows XP Corporate Edition CD about three years ago. He even warned me not to distribute it as it was a genuine copy of Windows XP.

I was able to download updates before until two weeks ago when that message just showed up unexpectedly. I was surprised. Maybe that copy was indeed counterfeit software. Or maybe, that was his (my ex-friend) way of telling me that I am no longer part of his circle of friends (or was I ever part of that circle?). :((

Anyway, I have not fixed the problem yet, though I have read articles about solutions that could somehow delete such notification.

One solution computer experts recommend to get rid of "Victim of Software Counterfeiting" notification is to restore my system.

Another solution I found was to access Task Manager and end the "wgatray.exe." After doing so, I should log in to the Safe Mode and delete the WgaTray.exe file from C:\\windows\system32. And so on and so forth.

I am scared to try the second solution because it might ruin all my (unimportant) files in that PC.

Since my mom is only using that PC for games (like Zumba and Bookworm), I should not worry about that for now. If it won't work one day, then that will be the time I would reformat it and will still install that "genuine" Windows XP my (ex) friend gave me. Sighs.

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