Golf Skirts

The other day, my friend invited me to play golf with him at Rancho Palos Verdes Golf Course in Mandug. Since I was busy, I declined the offer.

In as much as I wanted to make this sport as a hobby, the equipment (clubs) is too expensive for my wallet. What I can only afford (now) is the golf skirt.

Although the rules of golf did not mention anything about golf skirts as a required outfit for women golfers, I like to wear cool golf skirts while playing the game. They would not transform me into a professional golfer but at least they would help me look like Beatriz Recari.

Since I am not playing golf anytime soon, I do not have to rush into purchasing golf skirts and other pieces of equipment needed for this game. But if I were to purchase golf skirts now, I would like to own this simple golf outfit:

A turquoise polo and a white pleated golf skirt by Golftni... I can also wear this pair while playing tennis.

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