Waterproof Dog Beds

Although I am still on the lookout for an affordable shih tzu, I want to purchase a waterproof dog bed. With this type of dog bed, my (soon-to-be) pet dog can stay dry outdoors even on rainy days.

Waterproof dog beds can be easily cleaned and require little maintenance. This dog bed option is a great way to prevent building up of molds and bacteria, thus, protecting owners and their respective pet dogs.

I like this waterproof bed called “The Tuffie Nest” from tuffies.co.uk. Apart from being waterproof, it is also chew-proof which is perfect for a chewing dog like shih tzu.

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  1. you should be so careful when keeping rats ..they can bite you..you should keep them in rat-cages

  2. My dog chews her dog beds like its her job. I never even heard of the water proof dog bed.
    Thanks for the great info!

  3. They can be very cheap and they are extremely easy to clean and are very durable. It is best to make sure there are some holes in the base to provide adequate ventilation to avoid condensation problems and the high sides can keep bedding nicely in place.


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