Online Backup Services

While reading a few articles about the importance of online backup services. I am now considering signing up with one of the reliable services for online backup.

Factors to consider when finding the right online backup or storage solution:

Determine the storage space.
The interface should be user-friendly.
Special program that allows access of saved files easily.
It should provide versioning.
A free trial.
Flexible scheduling.
Of course, security.

So far, no online backup solution has satisfied my needs.

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  1. I've been searching for an online backup system, too. I tried Carbonite, which is supposed to be good, but it was taking forever to upload even a small part of what I want to keep. So, I uninstalled it.

    I've tried a few trials of backup programs, thinking I would get a 1 or 2TB USB drive and do my backups that way. I like Acronis and FolderMatch better than any others I've found.

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  2. Norton Online Backup improves ease of use and configuration. But remains compatible with one team for the account and does not leave a backup network or removable drives. That keeps one step behind the competition.

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