A Glimpse at Jose Rizal’s House

Dr. Jose Rizal was one of the Filipino heroes who fought for our freedom. His house in Calamba, Laguna was preserved to relive his memories.

The replica of Rizal's bed.

Cooking equipment found in his kusina (kitchen).

The dining table


Toilet (no flush)...

Some paintings of Rizal...

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  1. WOW,

    Such an artistic house that is. Specially its bedroom is looking awesome. All these items are replica or original?

  2. Hello Character Education,

    Some of them are original while others are just replica. :)

  3. What era are these from?

    I follow you on ExposeYourBlog.

  4. Hello Dirty Butter,

    Sometime in 1500s, when Philippines was still a colony of Spain.


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