Grand Hotel: 7 Things You Should Avoid When You Go Travel And Stay in a Grand Hotel

While staying in a grand hotel when you go travel, there are things that you should avoid when checking in. Listed below are some of the don'ts that you must stay clear of so you can have an enjoyable stay.
  1. Do not divulge your room number to anyone. A staff member will point you to your number but he/she will not announce it to the world. Then, pocket your key immediately, if it has room number printed on it. 
  2. Do not yell at the staff. You must keep your cool at all times. 
  3. Do not accuse the staff of a grand hotel for stealing something from you. But you can ask the manager to call the police so you can file a police report about stolen items. 
  4. Do not allow a staff member into your room if they cannot show you a valid ID.
  5. Do not use the bathroom towels to shine your shoes. 
  6. Do not leave your things unattended while in a hotel lobby. Someone can pick them up without you noticing it. 
  7. Do not throw needles into the room garbage. Ask a hotel staff about the proper way to dispose them. 
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