Thursday, February 28, 2013

Go Travel: 5 Beautiful, Exciting Places In The US

Here is a list of must-go-travel places in the US:

1. National Mall
It is situated in Washington, DC. It consists of Washington Monument, the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, among others. Best of all is that it does not cost a thing to enter. Perhaps, you want to try the foods served at the Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe. Its buffalo sandwich is such a delight.

2. Las Vegas Strip
It is home to $100 million daredevil circuses known as Cirque du Soleil. It is a good place to go travel and have a bachelor party, a trade show or simply let your hair down, while gambling. The Mob Museum is one of the latest attractions in Vegas.

3. Yellowstone National Park
At nearly no cost, you can experience the thrill of hearing gray wolves creating chilling howls at dawn or soaking in its hot springs. To get a full experience here, you must stay the night. The lack of light pollution makes this place the best place to go travel and unwind.

4. Times Square
For 105 years, Americans come and celebrate the New Year's Eve here. They all watch the ball drop. For 365 days a year, this place is all lights, cameras and action. You can also see a Naked Cowboy who plays his guitar with nothing but his underwear and a hat.

5. Disney's Magic Kingdom
If you love Disney movies, then you will love them more when you visit Cinderella's castle while watching Prince Jasmine hugging small children. It may be a rare tourist trap but it is all worth it. To encounter fewer crowds when you go travel to this place, you must go clockwise as most visitors are heading the other way.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PlayStation 4: 5 Essential Details You Must Know

PlayStation 4 is coming out soon (I'm very excited of it) and here are the things you must know about this new PlayStation.

1. Orbis. 
This version has an official code name of Orbis. According to many experts, this code name might not have a chance to become popular.

2. PC. 
The overall system of this PlayStation will run on x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU that comes with eight cores. It consists of 1.84 teraflop Radeon graphics processor and 8 GB of RAM. The 6xCAV Blu-ray drive will also stay.

Other specifications will include the following:
USB 3 
Analog AV out 
Digital Output

With these specs, PlayStation 4 is a big step up from its predecessor -- PS3.

3. DualShock 4 Controller. 
It comes with a more sensitive six-axis controller. For more precise control, it has analog sticks. The Select and Start are combined and placed into the Options button. A LED light bar is added to the front of the controller. This light bar can change depending on the game you are playing or the color of the character in the game you are playing.

4. Christmas
This PlayStation will be available on the market this Christmas. However, the exact date is not yet confirmed.

5. Share. 
This is one of the most essential upgrades of the PlayStation. By hitting the Share button, your game will be stopped to allow you to share the video or audio you are playing through social networking sites, like Ustream and Facebook. Sharing can be done in real time. With the new hardware, you can easily capture game screen shots and videos.

Unfortunately, Sony did not reveal the exact date of when it is going to hit shelves, how much it is going to cost and how exactly it will look like.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX Titan Things You Must Know Of

One of the latest GPU solutions on the market is the NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan. It is designed to be the most powerful and the fastest GPU card. Here are the other details of this product:

1. Made to run on modern games. 
During GPU test, a single unit can drive a 1080p HD panel with a lot of headroom. It is built to make modern games run smoothly.

2. Built for high-end users. 
The price tag is not appealing to individuals who only utilize GPU for their academic projects. But for users who have the urge to upgrade every six months, this solution can bring them the requirements that they need for their gaming needs.

3. Based on Telsa K20 and Telsa K20X. 
Each element of this car is for gaming. Your computer drivers will recognize it as a gaming card. Therefore, it will only provide you with the necessary features that you need for your gaming. This card is for CUDA computing users and for developers, as well. The Double Precision feature is off by default by you can turn it on through its control panel.

Another important thing to remember about this GPU card is that you need to monitor its temperature to make sure that it is not going to shut down while you are playing.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Tour Trips: 5 Places Where You Must Travel With A Tour Guide

When planning to have tour trips in these places, it is wise to follow some guidelines. These places are just few of the most complicated places in the world that you might think of visiting.

Having group tour trips may sound like a bad idea if you are thinking of a bus loaded with tourists or having to deal with a strict itinerary. But these places must be travelled in a group. And if you go and visit these places, you must have a guide with you.

1. Russia
Bureaucracy and red tape are the turn offs when you go travel to Russia. To get a visa, you will need an invitation from a company. If you encounter problems with your visa, you will be sent back home or stuck in this country.

With a tour guide, you can easily navigate the confusion.

2. Galapagos. 
Traveling to this island will take you to various places filled with inspiring creatures. This island is home to 60 species of birds and 20,000 giant tortoises. To appreciate these creatures, you have to be an expert in this field. If not, it would be best to travel with a tour guide who can explain to you about those species and may tell you stories about them.

Travel guides will also help you navigate the region. Keep in mind that this place is composed of 13 main islands. With the best tour trips guides, you can easily take hikes, boat rides and flights that let you see those beautiful creatures.

3. Egypt. 
Because of its current situation, many travelers have cancelled their travel to Egypt. Well, this is good news for you as you will not be encountering huge amount of crowds. However, it is still smart to go on tour trips in this country with a group. Your tour here must be led by people who know exactly where to go and understand the country's climate, which is pretty unpredictable. With an experienced travel guide, you can easily travel from point A to point B and avoid dangerous ares.

4. Machu Picchu
It is a place where you can find remnants of temples and hillsides. They are breathtaking sights but you cannot appreciate them if you do not understand what they are. With a tour guide, you can understand the stories behind those mysteries. A guide can also tell you the reason mortar was not used to build those buildings. Most tour trips in this place will include a train ride that goes to those ruins. If you want to go on hike, you must join an organized group that has a permit arranged by the tour agency in Peru.

5. Jordan. 
There are no travel warnings yet for Jordan. But because the threat of terrorism here is very high, it is a must that you go on tour trips here with a group. A group tour must be led by someone who knows how to avoid those dangerous areas and identify signs of problems. Tour operators will let you know in advance if there are official warnings for travelers. You can rebook a later tour or change plans without any additional charges.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Extra Money For Traveling: 3 Ways To Fund Your Traveling

Yes, it is possible to earn extra money for your traveling needs; thereby, allowing you to enjoy visiting your favorite foreign places. In that case, you do not need to be rich just so you can travel around the world. Here are some of the suggestions that let you earn extra money.

1. Work overseas. 
You can work as a bartender, waitress, tour guide or casino worker while you are in a foreign land. These jobs do not require advanced degrees or prior work experience. There are many travelers who fund their travels this way. Of course, you must not expect to have a high-paying office job. It may be a low-wage job but it can help you pay all your travel bills.

2. Teach English. 
There is money in the world of teaching. The only requirement here is your ability to speak English fluently. Some requirements may be needed. But they depend on the country you want to work in. In fact, some non-English speaking countries will pay for your flight over.

3. Obtain free flights. 
There are various ways to obtain free flights. You can sign up for a certain travel credit cards. Then, use it often to collect miles. From the points that you can get, you can now fly for free. By simply signing up for a credit card, you can already collect hundreds of thousands of miles.

However, if your credit score does not allow you to sign up for credit cards, then you can watch out for deals. Some websites do offer a special card to help you get extra miles by simply watching their videos or signing up for their newsletters.

If you already have a credit card, you may use it to purchase various times. Instead of paying in cash, you will be paying all your purchases through your credit card to earn more miles.

Other ways to help you earn extra money to fund your travels will include freelancing, consulting, graphic designing, and web programming.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Private Jets For Travelers: Things To Consider

Private jets can make traveling a joy. Think about the freedom you can have without those long lines and heightened security.

Here are the other features you can enjoy when taking private jets:

1. One-on-one security with a guard but without the long queue.
2. Flight booked at most convenient time
3. An aircraft that caters to your specific needs when traveling.

But how can you travel through private jets? Well, you may need to purchase a private plane. Thankfully, it is not hard these days to purchase one. There are plenty of sites that offer you ample selections. You can also bid through eBay. But if you are not good at bidding wars, you must keep away from this type of site.

Here are things you must consider when buying your own aircraft:

1. The price of the fuel.
Yes, you may be a frequent traveler and owning private jets can be an ideal solution for you. But you must also consider the rising fuel prices and the maintenance costs. The maintenance that you apply in your car is almost the same with a private plane. However, if you encounter a problem along the way because of neglect, you cannot pull over and fix the issue.

2. The rate of the pilot.
The fee of hiring a pilot is very pricey.

Overall, the benefits of having private jets can be summed up into one word: convenience. It is not about flying in luxury. But it is all about a peace of mind knowing that you can easily book a flight at your own convenient time and be at your destination at the right time.

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