Globe’s ImmortalTxt: Useful But Unreliable

Globe Immortaltxt

I registered my new Globe mobile number to ImmortalTxt (with no expiry), a promo from Globe that will end on January 15, 2010. It was easy to register. I just typed in IMMORTAL10 then sent it to 8888. Seconds after, I received a confirmation message that my mobile is now ready to use IMMORTALTXT. But I must maintain a PHP 1 balance to use the said service.

Yes, IMMORTALTXT is truly immortal. For only PHP 10, I can send 50 SMS to Globe/TM and 10 SMS to other networks, like SMART and Sun Cellular.

The reliability of IMMORTALTXT was assayed when I used such service to text my mom during the holidays. There was sort of an emergency situation. Unfortunately, the said service is unreliable because my mother did not receive my messages on time. It took a few hours before they reached my mom’s inbox.

Well, I guess I got what I paid for.

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