The Unreliability of Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband

My Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband was just a part of the package when I purchased a device. I was thankful when I received it but I regretted choosing it over Smart Bro Mobile Broadband. This is because of the unreliability service of Globe Tattoo.

Here’s the thing: Hoping to stay connected during scheduled power outage, I loaded PHP 100 for my Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband after I consumed the pre-loaded amount. Unfortunately, my PHP 100 worth of load got wasted simply because I could not connect to the Internet.

I can, however, access the Internet through Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband early in the morning when there is electricity and I have my DSL on. In other words, it is still useless.
Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband
The photo shows that I am receiving Edge Mobile Internet Connection which, according to Globe Tattoo’s connection guide, should get 80 to 120 kpbs and should have a maximum speed of 156 kbps. But after 30 minutes of pressing F5, I still did not have Internet connection. After a few attempts of disconnect-connect, the “this webpage is not available” was still showing up.

Sigh. The Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband’s campaign ad—Now that you have your own access to the net, you can do whatever you want! Be seen. Be heard. Be more. Discover everything you want in cyberspace. Because this is your Internet—should be: Now, that I have Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband, I cannot do whatever I want. I cannot be seen, be heard, be more. I cannot discover everything that I want in cyberspace simply because Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband is an unreliable service and it is not my choice of Internet connection.

Got that Globe? Huh? That should be your campaign ad. You ID-10-T!

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