How to Check Used Car before Buying

Two weeks ago, we were hunting for a used vehicle to be utilized in the farm. According to experts, purchasing a used or second-hand vehicle is always a gamble. But thankfully there are ways to make a wise decision when it comes to buying such vehicle.

How to check a used car before purchasing it

Inspect the car body. Look for cracks, dents, worn wipers, etc. When you look at the reflection of the car that has not been into an accident, you will not see any ripples. The body lines are straight. You should also check the paint if it does not have any mismatched colors. Corrosion can be discovered by sticking a magnet to the most common places where rust occurs, like lower door panels.

Unfortunately, I was not able to bring a magnet while inspecting those vehicles.

Check the appearance of the tires. Irregular wear on one side means alignment or suspension problems.

Scrutinize the VIN. Look for any signs of altering.

Interior. According to experts, the interior of the car is as important as the car's engine. Hence, look for any signs of excessive wear and tear. If the car has been flooded, it will emit bad odor no matter how hard you try to get rid of it using an excessive air freshener.

I removed the freshener installed in those vehicles to smell their natural odor. To be safe, we only inspected vehicles with Davao plate.

Engine. As regards to this matter, it pays to hire a trusted mechanic to check the engine.

Test drive it. This is one of the best things about inspecting a used car.

I had the chance to drive a Mitsubishi Strada automatic transmission, even though the seller/owner knew I could not afford the price.

We used these and other factors as our guide in helping us find a perfect used car.

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  1. Yes, this is so important before buying a Used car. You have to check the documents and the millage of that car as well. The author of this post do exactly what the information you want while buying a Used car.

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