Liquid Cooling Device/System Advantages

Liquid Cooling System

My computer cooling fans installed in my unit produce louder noise each day. So I’m looking into a quieter device that would cool my desktop while in use for more than 6 hours every day. According to my research, a liquid cooling system is said to be a better solution in helping cool down the computer as it emits too much heat.

A liquid cooling for PC works the same way as the cooling system of a car, computer experts said. Two of its advantages are the following:

More efficient
Reduction of noise

While some of its disadvantages are noted below:
Needs greater space to work efficiently and effectively
Requires advanced technical skills for installation

Based on the written articles I have gathered, liquid cooling is only advisable for computer users who want to over clock their units. Hmmm, that said, I have to stick to my noisy computer cooling fans.

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  1. You can get quiet fans, and if you have more than one fan you might be able to get a couple of quiet ones instead. I reduced noise considerably by changing the standard fan that came with my PC to a "whisper" fan.

    The power supply fan can be noisy too, you have to change the whole power supply though. They can be hard to change but quiet ones can be bought and depending on your PC case changed by carefully noting where power goes in your case already and then unscrewing the old one and removing the cables, then screwing the new one in.

    It's usually easier to build a new system from scratch as a quiet system in the first place. Much easier than liquid cooling, and you can recycle most of the stuff you already have if including the motherboard & disks etc. if they don't need upgrading. Just get a quieter case with quiet power supply, transfer the stuff you have... and away you go.

  2. Hello Fruey,

    Thanks for the tip. I will try it out.


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