Music Songs: How to Resolve Last Song Syndrome?

“You didn’t have to cut me off...” I am suffering from Last Song Syndrome. This “Somebody I used to know” song got stuck in my head. So, the question is, how am I able to get this song (and other music songs) out of my head?

Unfortunately, there is no definite, proven method of getting music songs out of your (and my) head. But there are suggestions that may make a difference.

Turn the tunes down to a whisper volume. Keep them turning down until they are out of your head.

Listen to the song at full volume. In this way, it releases the brain from the repetition. I usually do this every time a song got stuck in my head. I go to YouTube, look for that song with lyrics, and play it over and over again until I fed up with it. Then, that is the time that song is released from my head.

Engage in physical activity. You can exercise physically or mentally to help you set those music songs out of your head. You can opt to do push-ups or play crossword puzzle.

Ignore it. Try to ignore the song that got stuck in your head may do the trick. It is like ignoring a background music. The next thing you knew, your brain is already busy thinking something else.

For some, this “last song syndrome” or earworm can be really annoying. For me, it disturbs my focus and I cannot sleep.

How about you? What do you do when music songs stuck in your head? 

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