Friday, June 29, 2012

Grand Hotel: 7 Things You Should Avoid When You Go Travel And Stay in a Grand Hotel

While staying in a grand hotel when you go travel, there are things that you should avoid when checking in. Listed below are some of the don'ts that you must stay clear of so you can have an enjoyable stay.
  1. Do not divulge your room number to anyone. A staff member will point you to your number but he/she will not announce it to the world. Then, pocket your key immediately, if it has room number printed on it. 
  2. Do not yell at the staff. You must keep your cool at all times. 
  3. Do not accuse the staff of a grand hotel for stealing something from you. But you can ask the manager to call the police so you can file a police report about stolen items. 
  4. Do not allow a staff member into your room if they cannot show you a valid ID.
  5. Do not use the bathroom towels to shine your shoes. 
  6. Do not leave your things unattended while in a hotel lobby. Someone can pick them up without you noticing it. 
  7. Do not throw needles into the room garbage. Ask a hotel staff about the proper way to dispose them. 
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Churches: 4 Ways To Capture The Most Beautiful Churches in the World

Simala Church in Cebu, Philippines

Churches are among man's interesting creations. If you are planning to go travel in various parts of the world to photograph the most beautiful churches, then you might want to consider the following tips recommended by experts. Keep in mind that capturing them with your SLR camera can be a challenge.
  • Be respectful. When photographing churches, you must be quiet. Remember that churches cater individuals who want to pray to the Lord Almighty. Their visit is part of their personal and spiritual journeys. Therefore, you must respect it by being quiet. So, you must set your camera in [S] mode. If you are planning to photograph someone who is praying, you should do whatever you can not to disturb him/her. Simply make yourself invisible. 
  • Do not take several minutes just to compose a shot. Remember that when you go travel and visit beautiful churches, you should not cause distraction to those who go there and pray. Before lifting your camera, you must have a composition in your mind so it will be easier for you to point and shoot. 
  • Mind your settings. The most beautiful churches in the world are usually dark. Therefore, you must know how to get a good exposure. Experts recommend setting your camera on high ISO. You may reduce grain of a shot by doing post-processing work. Use slow shutter speed. You may not be allowed to use a tripod while in a church. Therefore, you must know how to hold your SLR camera while capturing an image in a slow shutter mode. 
  • Find the light. Open windows are your best option for shot creation. 
Here are 10 most of the most beautiful churches you might want to visit when you go travel around the world. 
  1. Church of the Assumption of Mary in Slovenia
  2. Borgund Stave Church in Norway
  3. La Sagrada Familia in Spain
  4. Church on Spilt Blood in Russia
  5. Orthodox Church of Tornio in Finland
  6. Our Lady's Church Nuremberg in Germany
  7. Church of the Grotto in Manitoba
  8. Dumo di Milano in Italy
  9. Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia
  10. Simala Shrine in Cebu (picture above)
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Go Travel: 5 Common Expenses That You Might Not Know When Travelling Here And Abroad

When you go travel, you must have a vacation budget. But you should not get too comfortable with it. Keep in mind that there are still a great number of additional fees that you must be aware of. Listed below are some of the common expenses that could take you by surprise when travelling in and out of the country.

  • Departure taxes. If you try to study the overall cost of an airline ticket, you can see that you are paying a departure tax imposed for international flights. This tax is combined with passenger facility charge and segment tax. If this tax is not included in your airfare, then you are forced to pay an exit fee at the airport while heading back to your own country. The fee can go from $25 per person to $40 per head, depending on the country you are visiting. You can pay it using your credit card or cash. If you are not sure about departure taxes that may be included in your ticket when you go travel, then you must inquire about it from your airline.
  • Visa fees. They are additional expenses when you are traveling to major countries. They can escalate and may ruin your overall budget. To know how much you are going to pay for this type of fee, you must go to the consulate's website of the country you are visiting and inquire about how much visa fees you need to shell out.
  • Baggage fees. They can range from $30 to $100. Because the rules are changing when it comes to collecting these fees when you go travel, it is ideal to research about these fees before booking.
  • Resort fees. The fees will cover things you assumed to be free, like daily newspaper and pool towels. Although not all hotels may charge you with resort fees, there are some that really charge their customers notoriously. This type of fee shows up as a percentage and not a flat fee. When you go travel and stay in, say, Bellagio, you will be billed with more than $20 per night for the Internet and local calls you made. Therefore, it is a must that you read the fine print or you may ask the person-in-charge before making a reservation. You should also use room service sparingly. Also, you must stay away from going to the hotel's mini-bar.
  • Transaction fees for foreigners. These fees are imposed when you travel abroad, even if the price is in USD. Your credit card company will still charge you a foreign transaction fee when booking a flight. To avoid this type of fee when you go travel, you should book through an airline with connection to the country you will be traveling to.

The above mentioned expenses are very common but most passengers tend to overlook them. As a result, they end up ruining their budget. Hence, it is a must that you inquire about them before making a budget when you go travel. 

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Friday, June 22, 2012

List of Pet Peeves: 10 Annoying Things That People Do

All of us have our own list of pet peeves. They can come during a movie or while sitting quietly in a park. Although some of them may relax others, oftentimes they are just plainly annoying old habits. Here are some of the pet peeves that really annoy most people, including me.

(My) List of pet peeves (do they annoy you too?):
  1. People listening to extremely loud music in their car while you are there next to them. 
  2. People who do not clean their dog's feces. This is included in my list of pet peeves. As a responsible owner, you should pick up your dog's poop. It is part of your responsibility when you have to walk your dog in the city. 
  3. Drivers who blare the horn of their car when the car in front of them does not zoom away as soon as the light turns green. Car horns are there for safety reasons and not to express displeasure. 
  4. Sales assistants who will follow you around the store as if to warn you not steal something from them. 
  5. People in ATM queues who wait until it is their turn to use the machine to fumble on their bag or purse  looking for their card. 
  6. People who ask you when you are going to get hitched. 
  7. People who sneeze into their hands and do not even wash their hands after. 
  8. People who steal your ideas and get credit instead of you. 
  9. People who talk loudly while they are using their mobile phones in public. 
  10. People who are always late (my group mates). 
Pretty sure you have your own list of pet peeves. What are they? Can you share some of them here? 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Digital SLR 1 Effective Way to Track Down Your Stolen Camera

If your digital SLR were stolen, you could easily recover it through This website was built by Matt Burns, a British software engineer. The idea came out when his own cameras were stolen.

Does this website work in finding stolen digital SLR? 
Yes, it does. The reason for this is that almost every digital photo has embedded data in it. It includes the serial number of the camera used to take those photos.

Can you find all stolen digital SLRs? 
Unfortunately, not. Although most major digital SLRs contain embedded data, Sony does not. Also, you cannot use it with Facebook as this photo-sharing site cannot be searched. On a brighter note, you can use it to search photos using Flickr.

Is this a great deal? 
Yes, it is. There are thousands of people in the world that utilize to help them track their stolen digital SLR. In fact, one owner has successfully tracked down his pricey camera three years after it was stolen.

By the way, this website is not only effective in finding stolen digital SLRs but it also works with major digital cameras.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the E-mail: Get an Inbox Meaning

"Send your affection in the e-mail" or "Get an Inbox" will you?  Get an inbox is an Internet version of "Get a room."

Public displays of affection is common on This is one of the reasons I rarely log into my FB account. Sure, they are sweet but they can do it in a proper way. I do not abhor couples posting mushy messages on one another's walls for me and their other contacts to see. But they need to get an inbox or send their suggestive messages in the e-mail as a form of respect to other people who only like to see or read useful information from their wall.  

The next time I see this type of message on my FB, I will surely reply, "Get an inbox already!"

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The WWF: 4 Things To Help Save The Dwindling Population of Tuna or Fish

The WWF is promoting ways to help us enjoy a sustainable seafood.

According to them, the number 1 problem of sea creatures is overfishing. Millions of jobs could disappear if this problem would continue. As a result, people who only eat fish as their main source of animal protein because of their health conditions could go hungry. Because of this, the WWF has partnered with Uniliver to establish the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Its goal is to promote a sustainable fishing around the world. If you support this advocacy, we no longer have to worry about the depletion of fish stocks.

Things that you can do to save the dwindling population of fish. 

  • Patronize products with MSC eco label. This is to offer your support to fishermen who only catch fish for sustainable living. 
  • Talk to fish sellers and restaurant owners to only purchase fish caught sustainably. 
  • Do not buy shark fin. Keep in mind that shark fin only contains little nutritional value. It may also harm your health in the future as it contains high levels of mercury. So, say no to shark fin and spread the word. 
  • Purchase tuna caught through sustainable fishing
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mountains: 14 Highest Mountains in the World

The 14 highest mountains in the world listed below are more than 8000 meters high above sea level. All of them are found in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges.

  • Nepal/Tibet

  1. Everest. 8,850m
  2. Lhotse. 8,516m
  3. Makalu. 8,463m
  4. Cho Oyou. 8,201m
  • Pakistan/China
  1. K2. 8,611m
  2. Gasherbrum I. 8,068m
  3. Broad Peak. 8,047m
  4. Gasherbrum II. 8,035m
  • Nepal/India
  1. Kangchenjunga. 8,586m
  • Nepal
  1. Dhaulagiri. 8,167m
  2. Manaslu. 8,163m
  3. Annapurna. 8,091m
  • Pakistan
  1. Nanga Parbat. 8,125m
  • Tibet
Shisha Pangma
  1. Shisha Pangma. 8,013m 
Did you know?
The first person who climbed all these 14 mountains was Reinhold Messner. It was on October 16, 1986 when he conquered the final peak. 

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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Everest: 4 Must-Have Things That You Need in Your Kit

The Everest is the highest peak in the world. Conquering it is one of the things that motivate a mountaineer. Unfortunately, it is not easy to reach to the top.

The best time to climb the Everest is in May because it offers favorable weather for a few days. If you are a mountaineer and planning to be on top of the world upon reaching this highest peak, these are the tools that you must have in your kit.
  1. Oxygen mask and reservoir bottle. The mask has two purposes: for pure oxygen and for ambient air. It also contains an exhaust valve that allows the mountaineer to breathe out of. The reservoir bottle will be filled when the mountaineer exhales. This is to maximize the oxygen being drawn in. 
  2. Full down suit. This will keep the mountaineer warm and dry in going to the summit. You will have a problem with this suit when you need to go to the toilet. 
  3. Double boots. They consist of inner boots and an outer plastic shell. The former can be installed with electric boot warmers. 
  4. Climbing harness and device for ascending. They allow the climber to climb fixed ropes that have been set up as they ascend. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The WWF Tips on How to Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

For over 50 years now, the WWF has been educating people on how to protect our environment by doing simple things. Most of these tips are very basic, such as the following:
  • Turning off electrical equipment when not in use
  • Opting for energy-efficient appliances
  • Saving water by turning off the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth. When washing vegetables, collect the water used to wash them and utilize it to water your houseplants or for toilet use.
  • Sending of electronic greetings via email, rather than sending of paper cards. 
  • Reducing the use of electric fans or air-conditioning by lowering or closing your curtain during hot days in order to keep the house cool. 
In your garden, the WWF suggests the following tips: 
  • Use a basin or a tank to collect rainwater. You can use it to water your garden or wash your vehicles (but this is not usually advisable as rainwater  may affect the color of your car). 
  • Water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening. Doing so will reduce water loss caused by evaporation. 
  • Collect and place fallen leaves and flowers under shrubs or into flowerbeds. This is to prevent frequent watering. This is also useful in increasing the soil's fertility. We have an area in our front yard where I used it as a compost pit. Instead of throwing our organic waste from the kitchen to the garbage can, I place it here instead. 
The WWF also recommends bringing your own bags when having your grocery shopping. This is to help you reduce the use of plastic bags which can create so much waste to the environment. Also, it is advisable to patronize products that utilize less packaging. 

And always recycle as much as you can to further protect our environment. 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trip Advisor Tarsier: 4 Things You Might Not Know of Tarsiers

Trip advisor describes tarsier as the one of the rarest and endangered species on earth. The Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) is known as the smallest monkey in the world. Before, tarsiers inhabited rainforests all over the world. These days, they only exist in the Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia.

The Philippine tarsiers struggle to survive in the island of Bohol because their home is being cleared for poaching and crop growing. Through the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, they can freely move without fear of being killed in their 7.4-hectare home, called Tarsier sanctuary, in the land of Corella, Bohol.

Things You Might Not Know Of Tarsiers

  1. They are nocturnal animals. They sleep in the morning and awake at night. Hence, they should not be disturbed during the day. 
  2. They should not be caged. A single tarsier needs 1 hectare of space to survive. 
  3. If they are held in captivity, they may commit suicide, which can be caused by trauma from the loud noises they hear. Touching them may also traumatize the tarsiers.
  4. They should not be fed with meat. Their main food is insects.
Ways to preserve their population

  1. Do not keep them as pets. 
  2. Do not buy them in the pet market. 
  3. Do not hunt, kill or smuggle tarsiers
  4. Do not patronize outlets that display illegally-acquired tarsiers
Exactly how small a tarsier is? This creature with grayish-fur is about 100 millimeters (3.93 inches) in height.
Actual size of a tarsier

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trip Advisor Bohol: 3 Pertinent Details When Traveling to Bohol

Situated in the middle of the Philippines, Bohol can be reached by air and boat. Trip advisor Bohol suggests taking a connecting flight to Tagbilaran, if you come from Manila. This options takes 75 minutes to arrive in Bohol. You may also opt to take a boat. However, it will take you 25 hours to get there. For that reason, this is only recommended for travelers who can spare more than a day to enjoy a trip on sea. This is also great if you have a limited budget. Fortunately, there are several promotional rates if you opt to go there by air. PAL, Cebu Pacific and other airlines offer affordable rates within a limited amount of time.

Main Tourist Attractions in Bohol
Apart from diving, there are other things that you can do here if you are a non-diver. Although this island is famous for its magnificent Chocolate Hills and cute, tiny primates called Tarsier, you can explore other activities including:
  • Discovering the place's finest beaches through island hopping
  • Exploring the water through a snorkeling day tour
  • Taking joy in a massage and spa
When is the best time to visit this place? 
Trip advisor Bohol recommends going there from March until June, i.e. if you want to see dolphins. You may also opt to visit from November to April when the weather in this period is great. However, you cannot expect to experience hot temperatures around these times. 

Where can you stay in Bohol? 
There are different types of accommodations in this place. You can stay in basic dorms and rooms if you have limited budget. Otherwise, you can stay in luxurious beach resorts. Room rates may vary depending on the season. Prices tend to increase during the Easter week, Christmas and New Year's eve. Therefore, trip advisor Bohol recommends booking in advance. 

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Olympics 2012: 8 Essential Details You Should Know When Planning to Visit and Watch Olympic Games

Olympics 2012 will bring in more visitors from all around the word to the second most visited place on the planet, London. Accommodation is deemed important if you are planning to stay and watch. Here are some essential details that you should know when planning a trip to London to watch the Olympic games.

What are the important dates for Olympic games in London?
Olympics 2012 will run from July 27 until August 12. The Paralympic games, on the other hand, are scheduled on August 29 to September 9.

Are rates higher during these dates?
London is the first Olympic host city to implement a charter that keeps pricing at fair rates throughout this period. According to reports, there are over 60 major tourism establishments that signed the Games-time charter. The providers will include restaurants, hotels, transportation and pubs. Fair rates are also implemented when visiting the Tower of London and Kensington Palace.

How can you save on lodging?
Experts highly recommend to avoid expensive hotels. Instead, they suggest you stay in your own flat or just rent a room through apartment rental companies. To further save on lodging, you may opt to stay outside of central London. Or you can stay in university halls or urban campsites, where you can rent a tent or you can bring your own.

Can you still get tickets for the games?
Unfortunately, most tickets for the Olympic Games are sold out already. However, you can still buy ticket and hotel packages through several outlets. You may browse online to find different types of packages that will include an accommodation and a ticket to certain Olympic event you want to witness. You will need to be patient as Olympics tickets these days are already limited.

Can you get free tickets?
Yes, you can. There are a significant number of events that you can freely watch. These will include the Triathlon and Marathon. You can witness these games on streets within the city. You can also watch your favorite sports through huge screens that show latest live action at different sites in the UK.

How to obtain tickets to the Olympics?
It is not that difficult to get tickets for this event. The first thing that you should do is to decide what sport you want to attend or witness. Then, visit the official website of the Olympics 2012 to find a list of schedules. You should find events that you are interested in. Watch as many events as you can while staying in that specific place. You may also check out less popular attractions to help you save money. These less popular attractions are cheaper for families.

What is the main sport you should look forward to during the Olympics 2012?
It is the women's boxing that will become the main sport during the London Games. Fans of baseball and softball may be dismayed to know that these two sports are not considered a part of the event.

What are the sports included in this year's Summer Olympics?

  1. Aquatics
  2. Athletics
  3. Archery
  4. Badminton
  5. Boxing
  6. Basketball
  7. Canoe
  8. Cycling
  9. Equestrian
  10. Fencing 
  11. Football/soccer
  12. Gymnastics
  13. Handball
  14. Hockey
  15. Judo
  16. Rowing
  17. Sailing
  18. Modern Pentathlon
  19. Shooting 
  20. Table tennis
  21. Tennis
  22. Taekwondo
  23. Triathlon
  24. Volleyball
  25. Weightlifting
  26. Wrestling
  27. Volleyball

 The Olympics 2012 will be here soon. So, you need to be ready and start preparing now.

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Friday, June 08, 2012

A Word Meaning: Guetapens

Guetapens is a word meaning "snare or ambush." It was not a popular word until it was included in the National Spelling Bee Championship last Thursday. This French-derived word is an obscure word that some online dictionaries do not have them in their list.

"Do not go to the House of the Undying. They will just lure you into some guetapens." (Pardon my admiration to Game of Thrones.)

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Robert Pattinson As Finnick In Catching Fire -- Is This For Real?

Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Lawrence may look good together in a movie but I do not think Rob is a good choice to play Finnick in Catching Fire, Hunger Games Sequel. I hope it is not going to happen. (I am not really a big fan of Robert Pattinson. Sorry.)

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Monday, June 04, 2012

Tesco Travel Tips: 4 Must Know Motoring Tips

Tesco travel offers tips on how to drive safely while going on a vacation. Here are some of the tips that I always keep them in mind to have a stress-free driving.
  • Plan where you are going to. This is one of the Tesco travel tips that can help you save time and money. This is especially useful if you are traveling with children. Therefore, it is ideal to plan your routes before leaving your home. 
  • Have spare tire and tire change kit checked. The reason is pretty obvious. Make sure that your spare tire and tire changing kit are in working order. If not, have them checked before packing your things. 
  • Check the brakes. Be sure that they are working properly. If possible, you should visit your trusted repair shop before your scheduled travel. In this way, the entire vehicle will be checked for other damages/malfunctions.
  • Have plenty of rest the night before your scheduled travel. Keep in mind that the most accidents on the road are caused by driver fatigue. So, if you are feeling tired, you can stop somewhere where you can order a tea or coffee. Or you can just pull over and take a nap. 
Another Tesco travel tip that is very important is to look out for any pedestrians. You should always keep your eyes open while driving so that you would see if there are pedestrians that might cross the street. 

And of course, before you leave the house, you should take all your documents needed. These will include your driving license, photocopy of your car's registration, your insurance details, passport (if necessary) and other essential documents for your travel. 

One more thing. You should not forget getting yourself a pair of sunglasses that could block or reduce sun's rays that may strain your eyes. This is especially important if you are driving in the summer. 

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