Monday, December 31, 2012

Davao Hotel Review: Orange Grove Hotel

It was not our first time to stay at Orange Grove hotel. We have been there a couple of times because of one reason -- flood. It is the nearest hotel we could go to.


Located only 10 minutes away from Abreeza Mall, this establishment provides free parking and air-conditioned rooms. Each room has a television with cable, telephone, outlet adapters, shower, and mini-bar. Its restaurant is located at the 5th floor. Since it is not a 5-star hotel, you must not expect its restaurant or bar/lounge to be classy. It is just A-Okay.


Guests are entitled to a free breakfast, depending on the type of room they are occupying. Ours was standard room with two separate beds so we had two free Continental breakfast servings. But I did not think you could be satisfied with this morning meal.

I wanted to order its "Filipino" breakfast but I was short on budget so I just had to be satisfied with the free serving. There is a 10% service charge when you choose to have your breakfast delivered to your room. There are cafeterias nearby so you can just go there and eat, if you do not fancy the foods being served at Orange Grove Hotel.

Their food was okay but the price was a bit expensive. So, I suggest eating out. You can go to Jolibee, which is just a few minutes away from the hotel. Or you can drive to Abreeza Mall or SM Lanang. These malls open at 10 in the morning and they close at 9 in the evening.

Internet Connection

Although it has an Internet connection, you need to pay for it: PHP50 for 1 hour or PHP100 for 24 hours. But I will not advise it as the connection is slow and intermittent. If you want free and fast connection, you just have to go down to its lounge with Wi-Fi hotspot.


The staff was friendly but not that courteous.


In terms of cleanliness, I would rate it as 3 out of 10. Why? The first time we stayed there, I saw tiny cockroach running on the carpeted floor. I witnessed another small cockroach inside the bathroom the last time we were there.

Its bathroom tiles had molds. I think their housekeepers did not thoroughly clean them. But then again, this is just a 3-star hotel. So, what can you expect?

All in all, Orange Grove Hotel is a good place to stay for one to two days. However, if you could afford to be in a 5-star hotel, then just go for it. My overall rating for this hotel would be 3 out of 5 stars.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Implant Dentist – 5 Dental Care Basics You Must Know

Implant dentist may be able to replace your missing teeth through dental implants. However, he/she will recommend taking proper care of your teeth to avoid losing one of them. Keep in mind that the cost of dental implants is expensive. But they are worth every penny.

Here are some of the dental care basics that you must practice to help you avoid the expensive dental procedure.

  • Brush your teeth. When brushing your teeth, you must avoid scrubbing them too vigorously. Doing so will only irritate your gums. You must make sure that you clean the inside and outside of each tooth. You should also brush the chewing surface of your tongue. And do not forget to clean your tongue. To prevent cavities, you must use fluoride toothpaste. A soft-bristled toothbrush is also highly recommended.
  • Floss between your teeth. After brushing, you should not rinse your mouth with water immediately. Instead, clean the hard-to-reach areas using floss, first. You must rub the dental floss against the sides of each tooth. You must do it in a slow manner. You must be thorough with it but do it carefully to avoid irritating your gums. Once you are done flossing, it is now time for you to rinse your mouth with water.
  • Use mouthwash. According to implant dentist, brushing and flossing are already enough to clean your teeth. However, mouthwash may further get rid of the bacteria that may cause cavities. If you feel the need to use a mouthwash, you must opt for a water-based or non-alcoholic product.
  • Store your dental hygiene equipment in a clean container or place. Make sure that your toothbrush is stored in an upright position that allows its bristles to dry thoroughly. And before you store your brush, be sure to rinse it thoroughly with water. Dentists do not recommend storing brush in a closed container as it encourages bacterial growth. It is also advisable to replace your old toothbrush with a new one every three months.
  • Undergo teeth cleaning. Brushing and flossing may eliminate food debris and avoid plaque buildup. However, having your teeth cleaned professionally will completely remove plaque that has been building up in some of your teeth. Teeth cleaning should be done twice a year for significant results. If you feel a pain in certain area of your teeth, it would be best to talk to your dentist as soon as possible.
If you have lost one of your teeth because you failed to follow the above mentioned tips, then you might need to see an implant dentist.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Make Up Brush Set -- Steps to Conceal Your Acne

With the right make up brush set, you can conceal your acne effectively without making the mask effect. Here are some steps that you need to follow.
  1. Clean your face using an acne cleanser. You should only use a cleanser prescribed by your dermatologist. After cleaning your face, you need to use a hydrating toner before moisturizing your face using a water-based moisturizer. (I use Herbalife's Aloe Smoothing Gel.). 
  2. Use tinted moisturizer. Even though your skin has blemishes, you do not need to cover your entire face. With the use of tinted moisturizer, you can avoid having a fake color look because this type of moisturizer matches your skin tone. 
  3. Utilize a concealer brush. With your make up brush set ready, take out the concealer brush and use it to hide bigger blemishes. You may also use this brush when applying loose powder. 
Before applying makeup, you must clean your face first. If you apply makeup and your skin is still dirty, you will experience more acne and blemishes. Then, wash your face before going to bed. Do not sleep with your makeup still on as it can only worsen your acne problem. You also need to use a clean make up brush set each time you apply makeup. 

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Mom to Be -- 5 Different Jobs To Help Earn Income While Staying at Home

For a mom to be who is thinking of finding a job after giving birth, work-at-home can be an ideal source of income without having to make a long commute. If you wish to stay at home after giving birth to your child but do not want to dress up in the morning, you can find that these profitable jobs very useful. You can do these jobs right at the comfort of your own home even if you are still in your pajamas.
  1. Customer support representative. There are various big-time companies out there that are looking for people who can be their telecommuniting customer service representatives. You just need to be available any time of the day and must be willing to be assigned on an overnight shift. As long as you have excellent customer service skills, this job may help you earn a decent income. 
  2. Party planner. If you have skills in hosting different types of parties, then becoming a party planner is a great way for you to earn soemthing as a mom to be. The cost to start this business may vary depending on the equipment and the party you are going to host. In order to thrive in this business, you need word-of-mouth marketing. 
  3. Day care provider. According to statistics, the need for child day care services is said to increase by 15 percent in the years to come. But before you consider such work-at-home job for mom to be, you will need to meet certain requirements and obtain special licenses before you can operate such business. 
  4. Writer. If you have excellent writing skills, then you can use those skills to help you supplement your family's income. To succeed in this venture, you must have solid communication with your clients. You must also be willing to use multiple methods to communicate with them each day. 
  5. Fitness coach. You do not have to be at a local gym to work as a fitness coach. There are plenty of people out there who are willing to pay just to help them lose weight. In order to thrive in this job, you must have at least two years of experience in this field. 
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Monday, October 01, 2012

Internet speed -- 5 Common Ways to Enhance Sluggish Internet Connection

You cannot control your Internet speed but there are things that you can do to avoid experiencing sluggish connection. Follow these tips and you will no longer have to be annoyed with your ISP.

  1. Make sure that your wireless network is protected. This means that it must be protected through the use of password that is difficult to hack. If you do not properly secure it, your neighbors could also use your connection without your authorization. Keep in mind that your Internet speed will be greatly affected if there are many computers connecting to it. In order to avoid it, you must must sure that your connection is secured so that no can access it except you and the members of your household. 
  2. Install a new antenna for your router. Apart from securing your wireless network, it is also helpful to replace your router's antenna and install a stronger one. Choose a high-gain antenna to focus signal in one direction. This can greatly improve your Internet connection. 
  3. Delete cookies and browsing history. Temporary Internet files, browsing history and cookies can ruin the speed of your Internet. It is highly recommended that you delete these items on a regular basis. In this way, the connection is stronger and faster. 
  4. Do not download files from sources that cannot be trusted. Viruses can cause slow down Internet speed. If you need to download anything, you must make sure that it comes from a trusted site. It is also advisable that you avoid storing too many files on your hard drive. You may use cloud computing to help you get rid of your files from your hard drive without actually deleting them permanently. 
  5. Reset your router. This tip may also work. To do this, you just hold the "reset" button of your router for 30 seconds. Reboot it and check the speed. 
These are just suggestions that you  may follow to help enhance your Internet speed. If one tip does not work, you need to try other suggestions until you find the one that can offer you good results.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Play Guitar: Tips To Help You Play Faster

I am not a professional guitar player but I know how to play guitar. My teacher always told me to practice each day to hone my skills. There are only a few songs I can comfortably play using my own guitar. One of these songs is Green Day's Walking Contradiction. The chords are easy. But I need to practice more so I can play guitar fast.

According to my teacher (may he rest in peace), the most important thing about learning how to play this musical instrument is to start slow. You need to know the proper fingering and technique. If you have a metronome, you should set it at slow speed first then work your way up to faster speed. It could be boring at first but it could help you master how to position your fingers to get the right chords.

When you start to play guitar, you must learn how to relax yourself, your hands, wrists and arms. When you have tensed muscles in those areas, you will not be able to play perfectly. Slow it down if you get tensed when playing faster. Eliminate first the tension before you speed up.

Be patient all the time. When you are a novice guitar player, it is easy to get discouraged if you do not strike the right chords the first time. But you must understand that you cannot be like Slash overnight. You have to practice, practice, practice in order to progress.

And of course, you must have the right guitar that you can practice with. It should have the right size and is set up for your skill level. For novice players, they must use a guitar with strings that are not difficult to press down. In this way, they will not hurt their fingers when they are trying to play some music.

If the guitar lessons seem to be complicated, you should not give up. Try and try until you get them perfectly. As long as you practice each morning (I did it for a few months and it really helped me with my speed), you can improve your fingering style. Do not worry about the callouses you have developed. They can help you play better.

Okay, I will leave now and will practice how to play "The Scientist" of Coldplay again. It is a beautiful song with  difficult chords.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

What Is Copyright? -- Important Things To Remember About Copyright

What is copyright? It is a law that protects your work -- be it painting, photograph or a poem. It safeguards the things that you have created against the people who might copy them without your permission. Essentially, it gives you the title as the owner of your creations allowing you to enjoy these rights:
  • Distribute copies or reproduce them
  • Display them publicly
If you do find something interesting on the web and you want to "copy" it, you must consider these things: 
  • Use (not copy) materials that are in public domain only. You can freely use any kind of work found in the public domain. This will include federal government documents. 
  • Quote a statement that you may find interesting. It is acceptable to include a short quotation of a particular material. However, the law only accepts a small portion of a certain material to be included in your work. 
  • Utilize creations that are not copyrighted. There are materials that are not subject to copyright that you can freely use in your own material. These will include short phrases, quotes, titles, slogans, etc. 
There are other things that you must bear in mind if you want to avoid being charged of plagiarism or the act of copying the work of others without their permission. Even crediting the author does not give you the right to copy his/her material. You must explicitly ask his/her permission before you can include his/her works to your own material. 

What is copyright if it does not show any copyright protection notice? According to the current law, every published work is covered by copyright law, whether the protection is expressed or not. 

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Monday, September 03, 2012

How to Increase Height -- Ways to Help You Improve Your Height

How to increase height?

Although I am already considered as "tall," somehow, I still wish to be as tall as Gisele Bundchen or Maria Sharapova. For that reason, I am studying these tips about how to get taller. 
  • Eat healthy foods. By healthy means following a diet full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Plate must be filled with lean meat, fish, and eggs. Cutting out coffee and tea may also help in increasing the height. 
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours each night. A lack of sleep is one of the reasons people do not grow properly. The body will not grow if the person stays up all night all the time. Inadequate amount of sleep can only slow the growth. 
  • Exercise. This is another tip on how to increase height. There are plenty of exercises a person can perform to gain height. These will include stretching and cardio exercises. 
  • Stop taking synthetic medicines. Synthetic drugs are said to inhibit the growth of a person. In order to avoid being sick, it is advisable to eat healthy food and perform regular exercises. In this way, a person can avoid taking synthetic medicine. 
How about natural supplements? Some natural supplements promise to help in gaining height. But most of them are ineffective, unfortunately. 

Because each person is different, these tips on how to increase height may or may not help you gain more inches in height. 

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Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Stop Smoking: 6 Ways That Can Help You To Quit

how to stop

Learning how to stop smoking is a big step for you towards good health. Unfortunately, quitting this habit is not that easy to do. Listed below are tips that may somehow help you on how to quit smoking.
  1. Understand why you need to stop. You cannot just quit smoking without knowing the real reason for it. You must stop this habit because it is not good for your health. To further motivate you into quitting, you must find a good reason to stop. How about lung cancer? Does it frighten you? Whatever your reason is, it must be strong enough to help you succeed in learning how to stop smoking. 
  2. Try therapy. One of the most popular ways that can help you stop smoking is to use nicotine-replacement therapy. This kind of therapy can reduce the risk of feeling depressed or irritable while you are on your way to quitting. According to studies, such therapy can double your chances of winning.
  3. Avoid the cold turkey attitude. In a study conducted, it was found out that 95% of smokers who tried to quit without the use of medication or therapy failed and ended up into a state of relapse. Going cold turkey only allows yourself to suffer from the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. 
  4. Do not do it alone. Ask support from your family, friends and colleagues. They can offer you the support that you need to help you on how to stop smoking. Keep in mind that going to do it alone is more difficult than having a team to help you out. 
  5. Discard lighters, ashtrays and cigarettes
  6. Handle stress. One of the reasons people do smoke is that the act of smoking allows them to relax. When they quit, they will need something that can help them cope with stress. Therefore, you must try to avoid stressful situations while you are on the road to quitting. 
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Sunday, August 05, 2012

"Don’t Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single" Supports Single Women Decision Not To Get Hitched

Millions of women today are opting to remain single. According to Orna Gadish, author of Don’t Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single, there are various alternative relationship, dwelling, motherhood, career, and family units for modern women which are great substitutes for marriage. A must-read for modern women who want to live their life to the fullest without compromising their autonomy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Internet Speed: 4 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Connection

There is no true way to make your current Internet speed faster. However, there are ways to optimize the bandwidth giving you an illusion of a faster and better pipe.
  1. Caching. This is an effective way to somehow improve your Internet speed. Essentially, it stores recent and most frequently requested information. As a result, it prevents future requests. It also saves the time time it takes to load the page from the Internet. 
  2. Opting for text only. This tip does not work if you are a power user. However, it does offer a great impact when browsing and e-mailing. Keep in mind that web pages with graphics can take a lot of time to load. Switching to text only eliminates the graphics, thereby, saving significant amount of time in loading up. 
  3. Turning off other computers. Things will get better when other computers in the house are logged off. These computers are a competition for the bandwidth. Hence, decreasing the competition may boost the Internet speed of your computer. 
  4. Killing background tasks. Apart from turning off other computers, you should also turn off background tasks running on your computers. Kill those applications you do not want running while trying to watch a video online. It would surely make a difference to your Internet connection. 
These 4 tips are just few of the ways you can do to boost your Internet speed without actually upgrading your package. 

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Make Up Brush Set: Steps On How to Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Proper make up brush set care is what you need to keep it last for many years. One of the best things that you can do is to clean the set on a regular basis. Here is a list of ways to help you wash your make up brush set:
  • Soften the brush fibers first. To do this, you must run water over the bristles. 
  • Use a baby shampoo or a hand wash shampoo. Making a light lather can do the trick. 
  • Make a gentle circular motion between your fingers as you clean the bristles. 
  • Repeat it for every brush that needs cleaning
  • Use a paper towel to dry the bristles. 
You may also use products that can clean your make up brush set easily. Although the steps mentioned above are easier and more affordable, they can be a hassle if you need to use your brush right away. 

You must clean your make up brushes regularly to prevent bacteria from accumulating, which can lead to unwanted blemishes. 

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Quotes of Love: 10 Quotes of Love

I like reading quotes of love on Google Plus. Here are my top 10 favorites:

"Love is a cycle. When you love, you get hurt. When you get hurt, you hate. When you hate, you try to forget. When you try to forget, you start missing. And when you start missing, you'll eventually fall in love again."

"I couldn't say "I do" without you!"

"You may not have my eyes or smile but from that very first moment you had my heart."

"I have found the one whom my soul loves."

"A relationship without trust is like having a phone with no service. And what do you do with a phone with no service? You play games."

"I am a woman, a lady, a girl, a child, a baby rolled into one. A man who knows how to treat me like one, all at the same time deserves the best of me."

"Feelings are like waves. You cannot stop them from coming but you can decide which ones to surf."

"Wouldn't it be the perfect crime if I stole your heart and you stole mine?"

"Falling in love is like jumping off a really tall building, your brain tells you it is not a good idea, but your heart tells you that you can fly."

"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take, relationship we are afraid to have, and the decisions we wanted too long to make."

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A New Book "Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single" (NHP, 2012) Reveals the Reasons Behind the Modern Trend: Millions of Single Women Are Opting out of Marriage

Nowadays, many modern women prefer to be unattached and shun the concept of matrimony altogether because of many reasons. It could be so that women are completely contented with their current statuses (academic, financial, career), or women have realized that they can have it all in relationships and cohabitation with men, without marriage.

According to Orna Gadish M.Sc., author of Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single remaining unmarried is the preferred choice for a growing number of modern women, and many women today enjoy their single status, with or without men by their side, with or without children. Some single women, who do want kids though, can simply opt for alternative family options detailed in the book. Whatever the reasons are, the book Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single thoroughly gives the valid reasons for modern women's election to remain single.

Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single elaborates on the advantages of staying single to every modern woman. One of the noteworthy benefits addressed by the author is the fact that unmarried women do not have difficult decision-making about education, career planning, personal finances, emotional needs, socializing, hobbies and leisure. For instance, in travelling, unmarried women without families can enjoy their freedom to plan the itinerary without considering babysitting or visiting children's theme parks. They can easily arrange trips to various places they have always wanted to go without worrying about their children or their nagging husbands.

Whether you are still single woman, divorced woman, or unhappily married woman, your understanding about marriage will completely change for the better, having read Don't Say I Do!. You will realize that marriage can prevent you from achieving your dreams, as you need to consider your spouse's interests, extended family, domestic responsibilities, and above all, the lawful constrains of this institution. By staying single, a woman can pursue her true ambitions and improve her self-confidence too. It definitely shapes up a woman as an individual; at least until she cohabits with a guy, creates a family, or bears kids, if she likes.  

Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single encourages women to acknowledge the fact that they are responsible for their own fulfillment and happiness. It provides great tips that can help women achieve long-lasting happiness and success without getting hitched. The book also offers alternative options to marriage, as the traditional family has undergone substantial changes in the past decades. Don't Say I Do! rightly points out the fact that today's women do not necessarily need husbands in order to have sex, or be in a relationship with a man, or even to conceive and raise children. Times have definitely changed, and the book is wonderfully capturing all such modern transformations.

Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single encourages women to accept wholeheartedly their status as single and helps them become aware of the amazing options and opportunities as self-reliant women. The alternative family structures analyzed by this book were unacceptable before, but they are now considered as viable substitutes for marriage.

Also, Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single is perfect for married women, unmarried women, divorced women and single women. Essentially, it supports the theory that marriage might not be the best option for today's women, as lifestyles and family settings have diversified and destabilized, and today's women can really have it all without marriage, whether they choose to remain single, and whether they remain unmarried within relationships.

I truly enjoyed reading Don't Say I Do!, especially the parts that discussed divorce rates, infidelity rates, and why cheating happens to so many women. It definitely makes women think outside the box and realize that lifelong commitments might not be the best answer in today's flirting world.

Regardless of women's relationship or marital status, the book surely offers an extraordinary and powerful outlook on modern events and life choices. I believe every woman can benefit greatly from reading this book, as it will open her eyes to new options and opportunities in the modern world and make her doubt the old-fashioned concepts. My rating for Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single is 5 out of 5 stars! Great book, with unconventional say and powerful message for women! To read more order in Amazon

Mom to Be: Tips On How to be a Better Mother

Mom to be knows that it is not easy to nurture her children while taking care of her own physical and emotional needs. Thankfully, there are many ways on how to be a great mom. If you are a mom-to-be, then you might find the useful in helping you become the greatest mother in the world.

  • Avoid playing the martyr role. Your children will not ask you to be a martyr. Hence, if you need some time alone, go read a book while your kids are watching TV. Or leave them with your husband and go  out with your friends. Keep in mind that getting exhausted from taking care of your kids is not good for your kids and for yourself. 
  • Keep your interests and passions. Mom to be does not have to give up her own interests. If you love to read or write, you must make it a priority and incorporate your hobbies into your routine. Although it is not easy to do, you must know how to keep doing what you love to do. You will be happier if you can also take care of your own needs. Plus, you can portray your role better as a mom. 
  • Be patient. Raising kids is not a joke. You may lose your temper once in a while but you must do your best to avoid that temper to go awry. Most moms know that motherhood teaches mothers to become more patient. 
  • Teach them the value of living a simple life. You must teach your kids not to associate happiness with material possessions. Teach your kids to borrow books at the library, rather than buying new books. Let them reuse items, instead of purchasing new ones. 
  • Train them to enhance their self-esteem. Keep in mind that people with high self-esteem are happier than those with lose self-confidence. You can teach them self-esteem by always talking and listening to them. 
There are plenty more ways that a mom to be can practice to help them become a great mother.What is important here is to be good to yourself so you can impart it to your kids.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Jokes to Laugh at: 6 Jokes You Have Not Heard Of

What I like most about Google Plus are the good jokes shared by my "Circles." They always give me the opportunity to laugh early in the morning, which is a good way to start my morning with a tea by my side. Here are some of the jokes to laugh at.

"Banta Singh: "Yaar Santa, last year the name plate outside your house read Santa Singh, B.A. This year it reads Santa Singh, M.A.When did you finish your Masters Degree?"
Santa Singh: You don't understand. Last year my wife died so I put B.A. to indicate "Bachelor Again".
Then I took a second wife this year, So M.A. is "Married Again"

"Dear Mother-in-law, “Don’t Teach me how 2 handle my children, I’m living with one of yours & he needs a lot of improvement"

"Just bought a Ken Doll. I don't know what everyone's talking about, you can't read books on this thing."

"Never get jealous when you see your ex with someone else because our parents taught us to give our used toys to the less fortunate."

"There are three sides to any argument: your side, my side and the right side."

"I am Hector. Interested In - Women
Religious Views: Willing to convert for love."

There are other jokes at Google Plus that will really cause you to giggle.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Go Travel: 4 Tips to Help You Pack Light

Packing light is very essential when you go travel. A good traveler can be measured by how light he/she travels. But how are you going to pack light when you go travel?
  • Use one bag only. You must only bring a carry-on-size bag that is 20 pounds heavy. Make sure that it fits under airplane seats or overhead bins. You may test yourself if you can go travel with just one bag by going into your hometown and being a tourist for an hour. You must pack up as if you are traveling somewhere. You must go window-shopping using that bag. If you cannot withstand it, thin things out when you go home. 
  • Bring little. Regardless of the number of days, weeks or months you are going to travel, you must pack light.   You must bring very little and avoid packing for the worst case scenario. 
  • Choose backpack or rolling bag. It really depends on which type of bag you are comfortable with. A convertible backpack/suitcase is an ideal choice if you want mobility. 
  • Opt to bring less. Instead of bringing all your clothes stored in your closet, you must opt to bring less and choose to wash more often. Do select clothes that do not wrinkle or that look good wrinkled. 
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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Google Translate: 3 Ways to Help You Communicate While You Go Travel to a Foreign Land

If only you could always bring a laptop and let Google translate help you avoid embarrassing yourself when you go travel in a foreign land, then you would not have a problem communicating with a foreigner. But this is not feasible. Thankfully, there are ways to stave off the awkwardness even if you do not take your iPad with you and use Google translate each time you talk to someone, say in Tagalog or in French.
  • Familiarize the five important phrases. When you go travel to a foreign land for a vacation, you must first learn key phrases that can help you communicate with the locals. These phrases will include the following: 
    1. Excuse me. (Pardon or  Excusez-moi in French) (Ipagpaumanhin in Tagalog)
    2. Do you speak English? (Parlez-vous anglais?) (Nakakapagsalita po ba kayo sa Ingles?)
    3. How much does this cost? (Combien ca coute?) (Magkano to?)
There are other phrases that you should learn that can assist you to easily communicate with the locals without the help of Google  translate.
  • Learn how to pronounce those phrases. Mispronouncing them can be prevented if you have been practicing saying them before you embark on your journey. Google translate has its own audio pronunciation tool that allows you to hear the proper way to say those phrases. 
  • Ask the assistance of the hotel staff. Most of the time, desk clerk at your hotel speaks multiple languages. And yes, they will be happy to assist you with it. 
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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Grand Hotel: 5 Things You Must Do While Staying in a Grand Hotel

In my last post, I talked about the things that you should avoid when staying in a grand hotel while you go travel. Today, I will discuss about some of the do's, which are provided by experts, that you can do to make your stay as memorable as possible.
  1. Do tell your room preference when making a reservation. If you want double bed, pool view and other things you demand, then you should tell it to the staff during your reservation and not after you have arrived. Be very specific when making a grand hotel room reservation. It could be a hassle for the hotel staff if you only make your demands after you have arrived. 
  2. Do demand for free Internet and water. If the hotel you are staying has WiFi connection, then you must ask for it. 
  3. Do use the double and the latch all the time. This is to avoid unauthorized access to your room. 
  4. Do tip the housekeeper and bellman with a reasonable amount. You can give the housekeeper $5 a day but not less than that. 
  5. Do ask for 2 wake-up calls. This is especially important if you have an urgent meeting tomorrow and you cannot afford to be late. Wake-up calls may also save your life if you have a certain disease that puts you at risk of experiencing coma. 
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Grand Hotel: 7 Things You Should Avoid When You Go Travel And Stay in a Grand Hotel

While staying in a grand hotel when you go travel, there are things that you should avoid when checking in. Listed below are some of the don'ts that you must stay clear of so you can have an enjoyable stay.
  1. Do not divulge your room number to anyone. A staff member will point you to your number but he/she will not announce it to the world. Then, pocket your key immediately, if it has room number printed on it. 
  2. Do not yell at the staff. You must keep your cool at all times. 
  3. Do not accuse the staff of a grand hotel for stealing something from you. But you can ask the manager to call the police so you can file a police report about stolen items. 
  4. Do not allow a staff member into your room if they cannot show you a valid ID.
  5. Do not use the bathroom towels to shine your shoes. 
  6. Do not leave your things unattended while in a hotel lobby. Someone can pick them up without you noticing it. 
  7. Do not throw needles into the room garbage. Ask a hotel staff about the proper way to dispose them. 
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Churches: 4 Ways To Capture The Most Beautiful Churches in the World

Simala Church in Cebu, Philippines

Churches are among man's interesting creations. If you are planning to go travel in various parts of the world to photograph the most beautiful churches, then you might want to consider the following tips recommended by experts. Keep in mind that capturing them with your SLR camera can be a challenge.
  • Be respectful. When photographing churches, you must be quiet. Remember that churches cater individuals who want to pray to the Lord Almighty. Their visit is part of their personal and spiritual journeys. Therefore, you must respect it by being quiet. So, you must set your camera in [S] mode. If you are planning to photograph someone who is praying, you should do whatever you can not to disturb him/her. Simply make yourself invisible. 
  • Do not take several minutes just to compose a shot. Remember that when you go travel and visit beautiful churches, you should not cause distraction to those who go there and pray. Before lifting your camera, you must have a composition in your mind so it will be easier for you to point and shoot. 
  • Mind your settings. The most beautiful churches in the world are usually dark. Therefore, you must know how to get a good exposure. Experts recommend setting your camera on high ISO. You may reduce grain of a shot by doing post-processing work. Use slow shutter speed. You may not be allowed to use a tripod while in a church. Therefore, you must know how to hold your SLR camera while capturing an image in a slow shutter mode. 
  • Find the light. Open windows are your best option for shot creation. 
Here are 10 most of the most beautiful churches you might want to visit when you go travel around the world. 
  1. Church of the Assumption of Mary in Slovenia
  2. Borgund Stave Church in Norway
  3. La Sagrada Familia in Spain
  4. Church on Spilt Blood in Russia
  5. Orthodox Church of Tornio in Finland
  6. Our Lady's Church Nuremberg in Germany
  7. Church of the Grotto in Manitoba
  8. Dumo di Milano in Italy
  9. Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia
  10. Simala Shrine in Cebu (picture above)
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Go Travel: 5 Common Expenses That You Might Not Know When Travelling Here And Abroad

When you go travel, you must have a vacation budget. But you should not get too comfortable with it. Keep in mind that there are still a great number of additional fees that you must be aware of. Listed below are some of the common expenses that could take you by surprise when travelling in and out of the country.

  • Departure taxes. If you try to study the overall cost of an airline ticket, you can see that you are paying a departure tax imposed for international flights. This tax is combined with passenger facility charge and segment tax. If this tax is not included in your airfare, then you are forced to pay an exit fee at the airport while heading back to your own country. The fee can go from $25 per person to $40 per head, depending on the country you are visiting. You can pay it using your credit card or cash. If you are not sure about departure taxes that may be included in your ticket when you go travel, then you must inquire about it from your airline.
  • Visa fees. They are additional expenses when you are traveling to major countries. They can escalate and may ruin your overall budget. To know how much you are going to pay for this type of fee, you must go to the consulate's website of the country you are visiting and inquire about how much visa fees you need to shell out.
  • Baggage fees. They can range from $30 to $100. Because the rules are changing when it comes to collecting these fees when you go travel, it is ideal to research about these fees before booking.
  • Resort fees. The fees will cover things you assumed to be free, like daily newspaper and pool towels. Although not all hotels may charge you with resort fees, there are some that really charge their customers notoriously. This type of fee shows up as a percentage and not a flat fee. When you go travel and stay in, say, Bellagio, you will be billed with more than $20 per night for the Internet and local calls you made. Therefore, it is a must that you read the fine print or you may ask the person-in-charge before making a reservation. You should also use room service sparingly. Also, you must stay away from going to the hotel's mini-bar.
  • Transaction fees for foreigners. These fees are imposed when you travel abroad, even if the price is in USD. Your credit card company will still charge you a foreign transaction fee when booking a flight. To avoid this type of fee when you go travel, you should book through an airline with connection to the country you will be traveling to.

The above mentioned expenses are very common but most passengers tend to overlook them. As a result, they end up ruining their budget. Hence, it is a must that you inquire about them before making a budget when you go travel. 

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Friday, June 22, 2012

List of Pet Peeves: 10 Annoying Things That People Do

All of us have our own list of pet peeves. They can come during a movie or while sitting quietly in a park. Although some of them may relax others, oftentimes they are just plainly annoying old habits. Here are some of the pet peeves that really annoy most people, including me.

(My) List of pet peeves (do they annoy you too?):
  1. People listening to extremely loud music in their car while you are there next to them. 
  2. People who do not clean their dog's feces. This is included in my list of pet peeves. As a responsible owner, you should pick up your dog's poop. It is part of your responsibility when you have to walk your dog in the city. 
  3. Drivers who blare the horn of their car when the car in front of them does not zoom away as soon as the light turns green. Car horns are there for safety reasons and not to express displeasure. 
  4. Sales assistants who will follow you around the store as if to warn you not steal something from them. 
  5. People in ATM queues who wait until it is their turn to use the machine to fumble on their bag or purse  looking for their card. 
  6. People who ask you when you are going to get hitched. 
  7. People who sneeze into their hands and do not even wash their hands after. 
  8. People who steal your ideas and get credit instead of you. 
  9. People who talk loudly while they are using their mobile phones in public. 
  10. People who are always late (my group mates). 
Pretty sure you have your own list of pet peeves. What are they? Can you share some of them here? 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Digital SLR 1 Effective Way to Track Down Your Stolen Camera

If your digital SLR were stolen, you could easily recover it through This website was built by Matt Burns, a British software engineer. The idea came out when his own cameras were stolen.

Does this website work in finding stolen digital SLR? 
Yes, it does. The reason for this is that almost every digital photo has embedded data in it. It includes the serial number of the camera used to take those photos.

Can you find all stolen digital SLRs? 
Unfortunately, not. Although most major digital SLRs contain embedded data, Sony does not. Also, you cannot use it with Facebook as this photo-sharing site cannot be searched. On a brighter note, you can use it to search photos using Flickr.

Is this a great deal? 
Yes, it is. There are thousands of people in the world that utilize to help them track their stolen digital SLR. In fact, one owner has successfully tracked down his pricey camera three years after it was stolen.

By the way, this website is not only effective in finding stolen digital SLRs but it also works with major digital cameras.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the E-mail: Get an Inbox Meaning

"Send your affection in the e-mail" or "Get an Inbox" will you?  Get an inbox is an Internet version of "Get a room."

Public displays of affection is common on This is one of the reasons I rarely log into my FB account. Sure, they are sweet but they can do it in a proper way. I do not abhor couples posting mushy messages on one another's walls for me and their other contacts to see. But they need to get an inbox or send their suggestive messages in the e-mail as a form of respect to other people who only like to see or read useful information from their wall.  

The next time I see this type of message on my FB, I will surely reply, "Get an inbox already!"

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The WWF: 4 Things To Help Save The Dwindling Population of Tuna or Fish

The WWF is promoting ways to help us enjoy a sustainable seafood.

According to them, the number 1 problem of sea creatures is overfishing. Millions of jobs could disappear if this problem would continue. As a result, people who only eat fish as their main source of animal protein because of their health conditions could go hungry. Because of this, the WWF has partnered with Uniliver to establish the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Its goal is to promote a sustainable fishing around the world. If you support this advocacy, we no longer have to worry about the depletion of fish stocks.

Things that you can do to save the dwindling population of fish. 

  • Patronize products with MSC eco label. This is to offer your support to fishermen who only catch fish for sustainable living. 
  • Talk to fish sellers and restaurant owners to only purchase fish caught sustainably. 
  • Do not buy shark fin. Keep in mind that shark fin only contains little nutritional value. It may also harm your health in the future as it contains high levels of mercury. So, say no to shark fin and spread the word. 
  • Purchase tuna caught through sustainable fishing
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mountains: 14 Highest Mountains in the World

The 14 highest mountains in the world listed below are more than 8000 meters high above sea level. All of them are found in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges.

  • Nepal/Tibet

  1. Everest. 8,850m
  2. Lhotse. 8,516m
  3. Makalu. 8,463m
  4. Cho Oyou. 8,201m
  • Pakistan/China
  1. K2. 8,611m
  2. Gasherbrum I. 8,068m
  3. Broad Peak. 8,047m
  4. Gasherbrum II. 8,035m
  • Nepal/India
  1. Kangchenjunga. 8,586m
  • Nepal
  1. Dhaulagiri. 8,167m
  2. Manaslu. 8,163m
  3. Annapurna. 8,091m
  • Pakistan
  1. Nanga Parbat. 8,125m
  • Tibet
Shisha Pangma
  1. Shisha Pangma. 8,013m 
Did you know?
The first person who climbed all these 14 mountains was Reinhold Messner. It was on October 16, 1986 when he conquered the final peak. 

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